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PostSubject: UVERstart   UVERstart Icon_minitimeThu 28 Jun - 0:18

Guh. Guess I'll finally introduce myself. xD

Name: Faiz
Country: Mauritius
Current doing: Just finished high school. Will be going to Uni in september.
Living: At home
Likes: Drawing, playing guitar, coke, eat, sleep, friends, family, blah blah
Dislikes: Lots'a things ...
Favourite food(s): Steak and chips ! Hmmm and everything that's pasta.
Favourite drink(s): Coke !
Favourite music genre(s): Rock, speed metal, classical, ballads. Pretty much everything except rap.
Favourite film genre(s): Euh .... dunno, many/
Favourite band(s) and musician(s): X JAPAN, UVERworld, Dir en Grey, Linkin Park, Sum41, Guns N' Roses
Favourite film(s): Lord of the Rings (1, 2 and 3), 300
Favourite country(ies): Mauritius ! Malaysia is pretty cool. Singapore too.
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